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Supersprox are true world leaders in the production of performance bike sprockets.

mx sprockets

With a long tradition of expertise in the motorcycle field. The company has supplied the best quality racing sprockets since Founded by Roger Maughfling, who was a truly passionate enthusiast and loved all things with motors, but particularly motorcycles.

He opened a motorcycle repair shop in Mid Wales UK, where he used to work many hours and even sleep. Back in those days…. With a black Supersprox stealth sprocket. See More See Less. Yamaha YZF in black with a black Supersprox stealth sprocket, looks beautiful and aggressive, dont you think? More informations: dirtbikemagazine. Supersprox newest outlet Supersprox JAPAN are introducing a gadget to help riders decide colour options, before buying.

This will be available through main dealer shops in japan. Stay positive and stay home. So we can all go ride our bikes again, as soon as possible. Read More. Welcome to Supersprox official site Producing the best sprockets since Original Bi-Metal sprocket Supersprox.

Supersprox Sprockets

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Supersprox 2 weeks ago. Teams we supply They demand high quality. Sprockets for your bike all the brands and sizes in our shop. Famous Motocross riders that use supersprox. See full list. Famous Enduro riders that use supersprox. Super Enduro. Famous Extreme Enduro riders that use supersprox.

Famous rally riders that use supersprox. Street riders.One of the most important aspects to owning a dirt bike is maintenance. Changing the fluids, replacing filters and tending to the drive components increases the life of your bike and keeps your ride in top competitive shape. Changing dirt bike drive parts requires some finesse. Do not expect a quick turnaround like replacing the oil and oil filter. It can also be difficult to determine when the dirt bike drive parts need replacing.

However through experience you'll be able to spot the signs. So, the first thing you should be doing before every ride is a sight check. The last thing you want is a chain breaking right after you've opened up the throttle. It's time to replace if you see: Tooth wear Cupping at base of tooth Teeth leaning over It's time to replace if you see:.

If you notice any of the above signs it's time to replace your drive parts. Since all of the components work in unison, it is always best to change them out in sets. The easiest way to check if your chain is worn is to measure the distance between the pins holding the chain together. This would determine if the chain has exceeded its "service limit" for stretch. Your bike's owner's manual explains what the service limit will be. If your chain is worn, then replace the sprockets, and vice versa.

The chains and sprockets create a wear pattern with each other. When one component is replaced and not the others, the new component depreciates quicker because of the wear patterns developed on the other parts. The same usually applies to chain rollers and guides. Typically these wear equally and if they go bad the chain can damage some very expensive parts such as the swing arm.

When it's time to buy replacement dirt bike drive parts or if you're looking to upgrade you'll need to factor in what type of bike as well as your style of riding and racing. Generally, when upgrading or looking for an advantage focus on gearing changes as well as what type of chain best fits your bike and riding conditions.

For some of the other components like the chain slider and guide, upgrading to a higher performing part lengthens the time between replacements and your chain lasts longer. Since we advise changing the sprockets and chain together we carry chain and sprocket kits. When you're looking to upgrade keep in mind the following depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your bike:.

As a general rule, for every "tooth" change on the front sprocket you're changing the rear sprocket by approximately three to four "teeth.To celebrate this anniversary, we have made a short film, taking a look back at the company, from the early days, through to present day.

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Premium dual stage bonded foam is used to filter out even the smallest dirt particles and at the same time offers optimal airflow. If you want to support ProX Racing Parts and you want to be cool, you will like our apparel program. Visit our dedicated ProX Apparel page where you can purchase your swag!

ProX stocks a wide variety of high quality ball and roller Bearings. ProX Racing Parts is offering a wide range of brake parts.

From Brake Pads to rebuild kits for master cylinder brake pumps or calipers. ProX Racing Parts offers a wide range of control cables for an extended range of Dirt Bike applications.

Made to OEM specifications to make installation easy! ProX Clutch components are made by leading O. ProX Connecting Rod Kits are made out of the toughest alloys available today. ProX Mechanical Seal are ideal to replace your water pump seal. ProX crankshaft assemblies come as complete and are ready for easy installation. The cranks are all engineered, assembled and precision trued after OEM specifications. The high quality forged connecting rodkit, bearings and precision machined crankwebs will meet or exceed the OEM crank in performance and durability.

All ProX crankshaft assemblies are completely rebuildable with genuine ProX connecting rodkits. Cylinder Sleeves are a popular item in our program and they are available for many two- stroke and four-stroke applications. Precision CNC machining guarantees a perfect fit and trouble free installation, but nevertheless, installing or replacing cylinder sleeves is a job for the experienced mechanic and engine re-builder.

Fuel systems are becoming more and more digital by having injections systems, but a lot of Dirt Bikes, ATV's and many other application do have regular carburettors where main and pilot jets are used.

ProX Racing Parts offers a wide program of jets, but also Electronic Fuel Injections adjustment systems to adjust the character or performance of your engine. ProX gaskets are manufactured by high quality factories to ProX specifications to ensure top quality sealing. Precision engineering and the use of first class materials guarantee the quality you demand from a gasket.

The gaskets are complementary to our pistons and rods, so we developed a top end gasket kit and complete gasket kit.

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Motorcycle engines have strict maintenance schedules that must be followed to honor the service life of components and secure reliability of the engine. Knowing what to service and when, is key to a succesful preventative maintenance program for your motorcycle, ATV, PWC, boat or snowmobile.

Made for the best performance and reliability! We offer a wide program of oil filters for dirt bikes and atv's! ProX pistons are precision machined on the latest, state of the art CNC equipment.

The same low-expansion, low-friction piston alloy is used as is used for all major Japanese engine manufacturers. ProX is listing an extensive range of products in the suspension section. No matter if you blew a forkseal, worn out your swingarm or linkage bearings, or just need to replace your rear shock bearings, ProX is offering a solution.Orders placed during the weekends or the following holidays will ship the next business day.

Learn more about Dennis Kirk. We're always looking to improve your shopping experience. If you have experienced a problem with our website, please describe the issue in as much detail as possible so our team can explore it further. Details Shipping Cutoff Times.

Click here for more details. Search Within. View Cart Checkout. My Garage. Saved Rides Manage Rides. Add a new ride. Harley Categories. Find Parts Fast. Select Year. Select Make. Select Model. Harley Parts back. Harley Accessories back. Tire Finder. Aspect Ratio. Rim Diameter.Get a DID or other good quality X-ring chain and throw away that nasty chain lube stuff. If you want pure reliability get an o-ring or x-ring chain.

Use WD on it to keep it from rusting. With a real good chain the sprockets don't matter. You can run aluminum on the rear. But, if you want to go with the most durable get you a steel sunstar for the front and rear.

They're expensive though. I've always Run RK with vortex sprockets. As stated before spend the money on a good chain and keep it in check and your sprockets will last a long time. I did use Sidewinder Sprockets once and they were awsome. But if you spend the money on the chain and take care of it you get the same resaults.

mx sprockets

For sprockets, I've had my best luck with Tag aluminums, but I'm not on a Your best bet for reliability may be to go steel. Look into Sunstar and Sidewinder they also have Ti sprockets which are supposed to last. I've been using the pro taper sprockets and really like them. But if you really want them to last buy steel. WD will actually strip away any existing lubricant and leave your chain dry - metal on metal.

Basically, spraying this stuff on your chain is worse than using no lubricant at all! Void Main.

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Basically what several other guys said. They will wear forever and very rarely even need a chain adjustment.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In fact, your bike probably came from the factory with Sunstar. Trusted on more brands than any other, Sunstar offers the best combination of lightweight, strength, quality and durability.

mx sprockets

This is why Sunstar sprockets and brake discs come installed on more makes of motorcycles and all terrain vehicles than any other. Designed and built with precise fit, Sunstar Sprockets, Chains and Brake Discs deliver the ultimate performance for all off-road, on-road and racing applications.

Fit your bike with the brand that the engineers who designed it trust:. E: support sunstar-braking. Sign in Or Register. Forgot your password? Registration is free and easy! Faster checkout Save multiple shipping addresses View and track orders and more Create an account.

Home My Account Checkout Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. Enter your bike information for available products Revolutionaries in Braking TM. Looking for something specific? Search for specific components. Master Cylinders. Why Choose Sunstar? Fit your bike with the brand that the engineers who designed it trust: Sunstar - 1 in Sprockets and Brake Discs.

Sunstar Engineering Americas 85 S. Pioneer Blvd, Springboro, OH T: F: Please wait


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